• Posted on 18 Mar 19:08
  • By Alex Saffari

Hi All, and a warm welcome to spring!

The weather is getting ever so slightly more agreeable and the days that little bit longer. Whether it’s the extra vitamin D or because my summer hols are in sight, I do always feel a certain sense of optimism and cheerfulness at this time of year.

It’s also my favourite time of year for a good old eBay clear out, blowing the dust off some old furniture or some of the kid’s outdoor toys (that haven’t been played with for 12 months may I add!).

Now, you certainly will not be surprised when I tell you where I take all my parcels when all wrapped up and ready to go.

But don’t worry I’m not here to convince you Argo Mail offers the most reasonable and best range of delivery services in Colchester all of which from a very convenient location (with parking).

What I really want to talk to you about is our brand-new website.
We have always tried our best to keep parcel delivery as simple and straight forward as possible and I do hope this shows the next time you visit www.argomail.co.uk.

Now for the new features…

Your revamped account page will have more information than ever before. It will not only show the parcels that you have booked online but also those that have been dropped off and paid for over the counter.  With tracking numbers to boot.

Our slick quote tool guides you through the services, from selecting the destination, deciding on the delivery speed and adding the insurance value of the goods you are sending. We’ve also condensed the booking information into a single screen. Enter the collection (if needed) and delivery addresses, then there is one more stage (payment) and we’re all done and ready to go.

Very soon we’ll be introducing a new drop off service for orders booked online, with no more queues, it will be the fastest and most convenient way of sending parcels in the UK or anywhere in the world.

I really hope you enjoy using the new site and don’t forget our team is only ever a phone call away if you have any questions.

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